Future Projects

View & vote on potential future projects that are in the pipeline.

Each page answers the questions to What?, Why?, How?, Where?, and When? and has a Feedback section for you to cast your vote and leave a comment.

Remote controlled lawnmower

Robotic mowers are all good and well. But why not have a mower you can control wirelessly?

Custom Rheumatoid arthritis computer mouse

Rheumatoid arthritis has made my hands wonky meaning that I use a computer mouse sideways. So, why not make a custom mouse to suit my custom grip?

Petrol powered mobility scooter

I have the chassis of a mobility scooter and a 2 stroke petrol engine from a small quad bike. Why not marry the two together?

Mid drive e-bike conversion

Fancy having a more useable e-bike and why not?

Free electric: wind turbine

With price of electric these days, I wonder how long it would take to see a return on investment?


We have some scrap lead from the leaded-light of our old front door. Would to be cool to cast something.

Weather Station 2: Electric boogaloo

Fettling the design of the original Weather Station while adding new features and connectivity.


Building on the information and knowledge gained from the original LIDAR project


As requested by a colleague: A gun turret that shoots wine gums (or something like that). I already have a 2 DOF turret, so how hard can it be?